Elbert Fire Protection District

P.O. Box 98, 24310 Main St. - Elbert, CO 80106 - (303) 648-3000
Our Flags

We fly the American Flag out of respect and honor for our country.
We fly the Colorado State flag out of respect and honor for the district we serve.

We fly the Solid color flag to provide guidance for our community:

Red = High Fire Danger
Yellow = Moderate Fire Danger
Burning is approved in containers, with Permit ONLY!
Green = Low Fire Danger
Burning allowed with Permit ONLY!

The County Sheriff sets the burn level and bans for outside burning. The department requires all individuals wanting to have a camp fire, burn weeds, etc. to have a permit in hand prior to starting. This gives the members as well as our dispatch center a heads up. Even if there aren't any burn bans, we will still perform necessary procedures to verify that our surrounding areas are safe. Should we feel that the area and weather conditions could turn into a potential disaster, the department will not issue a permit. Open burning is not allowed without a written permit issued by the Fire District. Any individuals whom burn during a ban or fail to get a permit, can be prosecuted by law enforcement and be held responsible for any damages.

A representative of the Elbert Fire Protection District, will come to your location once CONTACTED by you (303) 648-3000, to visually see your selected burn area. Permits will be issued with the following restrictions:

  1. Permits will be issued under suitable weather conditions only.
  2. Winds less than 10 MPH
  3. The location of the burn is to be inspected by a representative from the Fire District prior to the burn and found not to be a hazard to life or property.
  4. There must be a 50' radius cleared to bare earth around burn area.
  5. A sufficient water source must be present and available throughout the burn.
  6. The materials to be burned shall be agricultural in nature.
  7. The burn shall be maintained under control at all times.
  8. Items not to be burned are: Construction materials, plastics, household trash, tires, or any hazardous materials.
  9. Burning is only allowed during daylight hours.
EMT's and Firefighter/Paramedics
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Elbert FPD provides BLS medical services to the community and visitors. The department has both Firefighter/EMT's and Firefighter/Paramedics. All members of the department are CPR/AED/BBP certified and we currently have two individuals recognized as instructors with the American Red Cross. Our personnel undergo monthly medical trainings sponsored by Memorial Hospital. Should the situation call for a quicker more advanced response to the hospital, the department also has a helicopter available for assistance from Memorial Star based out of Colorado Springs.


Elbert Fire is dedicated to our community and the desire to know that all properties are properly mitigated. Anyone interested in knowing what they can do to protect their home during wildfire season, is encouraged to contact us. A representative from the department will come take a look and give you some guidance.

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