Elbert Fire in the Community

Every year the Elbert Elementary Students spend a day at the station, learning and practicing fire safety. At the end of their trip, they receive a coloring sheet to take home, color and return for a chance to have their artwork installed on our apparatus for a full year. All students are awarded with a certificate and one from each grade is chosen by the membership to go on a truck. The winners for 2016-17 are…

Community CPR Certification Program

Elbert Fire is dedicated to teaching our community the importance of CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) training. We are currently putting together a certification program open to the public. Class will include basic first aid as well. The cost will be $22.00 for the certification. We have two Instructors certified and licensed by The American Red Cross, who will be putting on the courses. Classes will begin April 4th and held on the first Saturday of every month. Classes will be held at the fire station at 24310 Main Street. If interested in signing up for a class, please email us at or contact Captain Harrower at (303) 648-3000..

Elbert Fire in School

“Elbert Fire is also committed to educating the school community. At Elbert High School, Senior students are able to take a semester long CPR class as an elective. At the end of the semester students will test to become certified by the American Red Cross. Students learn the skills not only for CPR, but other basic first aid treatments that they can perform to assist in helping someone until emergency help arrives. Captain Mike Harrower is a certified instructor that implemented the program and he also instructs the class. The department has two additional certified instructors as well.”